Army combat control room program

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Army combat control room program

I. system overview

Military commanders and their command organs organize and lead the operations and other operations of their subordinate units.To organize and implement it in accordance with the purposes of war, strategic principles, operational principles and superior orders.Its tasks mainly include organizing reconnaissance, studying and judging the situation, making operational determination, drawing up operational plans, determining operational organization, giving tasks to the troops, organizing coordinated actions and various supports, and supervising and inspecting the troops to complete the tasks they have been assigned.The purpose is to unify the will, unify the action, maximize the force combat effectiveness, annihilate the enemy most effectively, preserve oneself, and win the battle.Therefore, the army combat control room is a necessary command and control place.

Second, user demand

The whole system should complete the task of conference command with high efficiency, combine each system, give full play to the function of each system, and realize the modernized military command conference.

(I) sound amplification system:

Sound amplification system consists of mixer, digital audio processor, professional amplifier, professional audio, wireless microphone, DVD player, timing power supply and other equipment.Complete the processing of various audio signals, realize the conference room live amplification, broadcasting, with video display system, provide excellent audio-visual effects.

(ii) digital conference system:

Digital conference system consists of digital conference host, chairman, representative, various management software and other equipment.Digital conferencing systems provide flexible management for all types of meetings, from small informal meetings to large international conferences with thousands of speakers.It has the characteristics of multifunction, high sound quality, digital transmission security and reliability.The whole digital conference system has the functions of meeting discussion and speech, meeting collective voting, meeting instant multilingual translation (up to 8 languages), full-course recording and access of various audio signals.

(iii) video display system:

The multimedia display system is composed of high brightness, high resolution LCD projector and LCD large screen.Complete the large screen display of various graphic information.

(iv) room environment system:

The room environment system is composed of the room lights (including incandescent lamps, fluorescent lamps), curtains and other equipment;Complete the change of the whole room environment and atmosphere to automatically adapt to the current needs;For example, when playing a DVD, the lights dim and the curtains close automatically.

(v) central control system:

Realize the centralized control of all kinds of electronic equipment in the meeting room.

Require simple operation, humanized, intelligent;

High reliability of the whole system is required.

As much as possible reflect the excellent function of various equipment, let all equipment work in the best state, give full play to the maximum effect of equipment;

In order to perfect the system work of the operator, it is required to realize the computer network control function, complete the remote monitoring, remote synchronization control, remote maintenance and other functions

Able to control DVD, VCR, MD to play, stop, pause and other functions;

Can control the projector, on/off, input switching and other functions, and can control the electric hanger, screen, to achieve the rise, stop, fall and other functions;

Able to control the physical booth for amplification, reduction and other functions;

Able to control the volume, volume volume adjustment function;

Can control A/V matrix, VGA matrix, audio and video, VGA signal automatic switching control function

Able to control the room lights and curtains, automatically adapt to the current needs;

(vi) equipment list:

The main equipment list of the whole system is as follows:

Note of user equipment name and quantity unit

Professional mixer 1 mb-8

Digital audio processor 1 scs-m0808

Professional amplifier 1 st-pg350

Professional speakers: 4 ev-8 speakers

Wireless microphone 2 sets WZ-260

The DVD machine

1 ST--P380 timing power supply

Digital conference host 1 scs-790m

Digital conference chairman 1 scs-790c

Digital conference representative machine 14 scs-790d

One projector

1 electric hanger

One electric screen

1 scs-full103 is controlled by the central control system

Wireless LCD touch screen 1 wt-10

One single wireless receiver /

Four infrared emission rods are determined according to the number of controlled devices

8 channels relay 1 set scs-cp8

VGA matrix 1 VGA0808