Scs-820m UHF wireless conference system master controller

Scs-820 is a wireless intelligent digital conferencing system with video tracking. The system combines audio digital control and high-frequency transmission. Through the CPU editing program highly restore the audio design the original sound quality

transmission mode : UHF
Connection mode : 无线
Core functions :发言、摄像
Installation mode :桌面式

Technical characteristics




 the main panel with metal wire drawing process, with the function of the six key, the appearance design of high - grade, high - tech feeling


 lines and shell are strengthened and the ground wire connection, ensure a 8000 v antistatic ability, accord with national standard GB/T17618-1998


 FM radio wireless system the company from the traditional methods, this system USES digital encryption transmission of voice and the control channel are encrypted using high - intensity,Can effectively protect the customer's conference contents were not malicious eavesdropping. Make client meetings more secure and confidential.


 with high and prevent the noise reduction circuit design, and adopting new anti noise to high sensitivity condenser microphones core, make meeting quality to achieve high fidelity sound reduction, intelligent digital audio algorithm, clear timbre bright and beautiful, smooth transmission, and audio delay is extremely low, can be good support after class feedback inhibition, etc.


 the new concept of anti - electromagnetic interference circuit design, put an end to mobile phones and other electronic products of electromagnetic interference


 control and audio signal using high frequency signal wireless communication, get setting microphone cable, the installation is simple work and flexible


 high pure and fresh and LCD display, menu hierarchical design, operation simple and work It has many functions provides to the as power display and undervoltage warning,Frequency channel and signal indication.


 microphone have the functions provides of automatic switch machine, the host can open microphone after the out - of - the - box,Host each receiver will automatically shutdown after shutdown. And the microphone is in a high blocking state after shutdown, no impact on the battery.


 host and volume control function.


 chairman microphone and on behalf of the receiver can replace each other, the host can be automatically the memory and tracking, chairman of the receiver.


 the host channel selection and user - generated channel function, to adapt to the wireless environment.


 system ID recognition function, the company system available ID.


 this system more energy conservation and environmental protection, the system frequency utilization ratio is high, the channel multiplexing technology, no matter how many microphones are only competing only occupy four of the radio frequency.Frequency utilization is becoming more and more important at a time when the Frequency resources are becoming his scarce. At the same time,Most microphones in the application system are in the state of low power consumption without speech, and the overall power consumption is lower than that of traditional wireless microphones.


 every system can support a chairman and an infinite number of representatives, speaking at the same time the representative number to be chairman of the 1 and 3.


 system has the control interface, control switch a sensitive, accurate and is not affected by phone number.This system can open 4 audio channels at the same time, and the number of MCS in fifo mode is not limited. System support multiple speech modes, fifo fifo, fight dedicated mode.


 this system can be connected to the computer or remote control device, and achieve a more flexible operation control digital control technology, the receiver only occupy four sound point again and again, avoid the occurrence of string frequency phenomenon.It the problem that traditional one tow four UHF wireless conference cannot solve the problem that multiple wireless conference microphones can be used simultaneously in the same occasion.

 RF有效通信距离为:室内80米,室外100米。。

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SCS model - 820 - m

Working voltage DC12V

Power consumption < 7.2w

Working temperature - 9 ℃ 40 ℃

Main control machine size 483mm 353mmx99mm

The main controller weighs 7.0kg

Two-way QPSK frequency hopping communication

Channel number 4

Transmission frequency band UHF470-530MHz

Sensitivity of 90 DBM

Radiation power +7dBm

Frequency deviation <0.003

The data rate is 110KBPS

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