Scs-870cd full digital wireless conference system microphone

Haotian 2.4g digital wireless conference system, with its advanced 2.4g frequency hopping and digital transmission technology, greatly reduces the impact of various interference signals on the system operation

transmission mode : 2.4G
Connection mode : 无线
Core functions :发言
Installation mode :桌面式

In line with IEC60194, gbt15381-94 international standards, the appearance design calm atmosphere;

Support automatic camera tracking function;

Mesa design, ergonomic, all metal alloy die casting, stable atmosphere;

Intelligent power management system, the host power off, each representative machine will automatically shut down, reduce battery consumption;

Each unit has arbitrary assigned ID address to facilitate installation and avoid ID address duplication;

Advanced 2.4g wireless full digital frequency hopping technology is adopted for stronger anti-interference and confidentiality.

Military-grade high-precision ultra-brightness OLED display;

Intelligent detection of signal strength, dynamic display of battery power, without geographical restrictions;

Completely get rid of the cable shackles, installation is more convenient and easy;

Full digital audio processing technology, all channels of sound close to CD quality;

Standing heart directional microphone with green light halo;

The chairman has a priority function

SCS model - 870 - c/D

Working voltage DC3V

Power consumption < 7.2w

Working temperature - 9 ℃, 40 ℃

Frequency stabilization automatic correction

The microphone weighs 0.8kg

Transmission mode adaptive frequency hopping FSK

Channel number 4

Transmission frequency range: 2400 -- 2483.5mhz

Sensitivity of 90 DBM

Radiation power +7dBm

Frequency deviation <0.003

The data rate is 110KBPS