Scs-735cd desktop video tracking conference system unit

The scs-731cd is an embedded camera tracking discussion representative unit, which is easy to operate and can be delivered by simply pressing the speech request key.

transmission mode : 8芯线
Connection mode : 有线
Core functions :发言、摄像
Installation mode :嵌入式
  • In line with IEC60914, gbt15381-94 international standards

    Aluminum alloy wiredrawing noodles, metal case, stable atmosphere

    Professional hi-fi capacitor microphone core, sound sensitive, clear voice, bandwidth up to 20Hz~20KHz

    Anti-interference circuit design can prevent the interference of mobile phones and other electronic products.

    Microphone head with speech lamp ring, can display unit speech, closed state

    Support automatic camera tracking and discussion

    Speech switch with luminous lamp ring, speech is always bright

    The unit is a passive device powered by the system host.The input voltage is 24V, which is in the safe range

    The t-type 8-core wire is shielded by aluminum foil and waterline, which greatly reduces the interference of strong electromagnetic wave on the wire

    With audio frequency start function, microphone unit power automatically open when speaking.

    It supports multiple chairman units, which can be installed freely when connected without location restrictions. It has the priority function of controlling the order of meetings with full power, and can control the meeting atmosphere.

SCS model - 735 - c/D

Working voltage DC24V (power supply by main engine)

Unit interface 8 core wire

The microphone type is a cardiotropic electret

The microphone input impedance Ω 1 k

Display /

Install desktop

Crosstalk attenuation >80dB

Distortion of < 0.1%

Equivalent noise 20 dBA (SPL)

Frequency response 20Hz -20KHz

Microphone maximum pressure level 125dB(THD>3%)

Channel crosstalk > 80dB

Total harmonic distortion < 0.05%

SNR > 80 db (A)

- 40 - + 70 ℃ temperature range

Sensitivity -46 dBV/Pa

Dynamic range >80dB

8-32 Ω headphones transmission, 3.5 mm socket (optional)

The speaker 8 Ω 2 w (optional)