Scs-6801c /D full digital voting camera tracking conference

Scs-6800 is a full digital camera tracking voting meeting system, which is an important bridge to realize the management of meeting unit and PC. With the navigation keyboard of the panel and the meeting management function of software, it can realize

transmission mode : 8芯线
Connection mode : 有线
Core functions :发言、摄像、表决、签到
Installation mode :桌面式
  • Digital audio stream processing technology, sound quality more powerful, clear, the best choice for the conference sound.

    Novel and fashionable appearance, ergonomic design, metal die-casting base;

    Adopt special 8-core connector "T "connection mode to ensure reliable connection;

    Heart-shaped directional capacitance pickup, avoid interference by RF signals such as telephone, space and other wireless signals when picking up sound. With two-color indicator light, speech is red, application speech is green, microphone is white, and can be removed during recess;

    3.5mm stereo headphone jack for connecting headphones, high-fidelity dual loudspeaker, volume adjustable (optional);

    Noise suppression function. When the microphone is turned on, the built-in speaker will automatically shut down to prevent sound feedback.

    With the camera tracking system & central control system, the camera tracking function can be realized automatically.

    The unit is passive equipment, powered by the system host, and the input voltage is DC24V;

    Support speech and keypad check-in;

    High brightness LCD display, real-time display:

    Microphone on/off, the number of real-time check-in information;

    The chairman unit has the following meeting control functions:

    The function of approving the representative's speech application;

    The floor of a representative who is speaking may be forcibly closed;

    Not limited by the number of speakers, speech mode, can be opened freely, not limited by the installation location.

SCS model - 6801 - c/D

Working voltage DC24V (power supply by main engine)

Unit interface 8 core

The microphone type is a cardiotropic electret

The microphone input impedance Ω 1 k

Display LCD14432

Install desktop

Crosstalk attenuation >80dB

Distortion of < 0.1%

Frequency response: 60hz-18khz

Maximum 100 db SPL (THD > 3%)

SNR > 80 db (A)

- 40 - + 70 ℃ temperature range

Sensitivity -46 dBV/Pa

Dynamic range >80dB

8-32 Ω headphones transmission, 3.5 mm socket (optional)

The speaker 8 Ω 1 w (optional)