• M-6212 charging wireless microphone

    M-6212 charging wireless microphone

    Microphone transmitter unit can use ordinary no. 5 battery, can also use rechargeable battery directly through the USB cable connected to the receiver for charging, can also be charged alone through th...

  • Wz-260 KTV wireless microphone

    Wz-260 KTV wireless microphone

    WZ-260接收机为全金属材质标准机箱,1U金属面板配置双通道接收机,装配LCD大屏显示屏幕,分别显示,工作通道,工作频率及对应The wz-260 receiver is an all-m...

  • Kt-2212 KTV wireless microphone

    Kt-2212 KTV wireless microphone

    Signal to noise ratio: 90db@1khz-a 4. Spurious interference ratio: 80dB 5. Signal to noise ratio: 80dB 6...