ST-M368Eight-channel intelligent mixer

Features of st-m368 8-channel intelligent mixer: 1. 8-channel microphone input is available; another AUX auxiliary input is set; the action level of sound gate can be adjusted automatically, and the channel with only signal input can be opened automat

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St-m368 8-channel intelligent mixer features:

1. Equipped with 8-channel microphone input and another AUX auxiliary input, the sound gate action level can be automatically adjusted to automatically open the channel with only signal input.

2. Each channel can be set as priority speech. When the priority channel speaks, the speech of other channels will be automatically attenuated, and the automatic attenuation can be set as 20Db, 40dB or fine-tuning.

3. Reliable and stable manufacturing process of full patch.

4, NOMA function: NOMA (Number of open Microphone Attenuated) circuit can automatically adjust the output level according to the Number of channels used.In the extended use of multiple mixers, it can prevent the sound noise caused by the overall gain rise of the system.

5. The manual mode function can be selected, and the automatic mixer can be set to be used as a general mixer.

6. Various performance parameters can be set through the opening of the internal substrate and VR, so as to achieve the desired effect.


Technical parameters:

Input impedance: MIC4300 Ω, AUX50K Ω

Output impedance (parallel) : MIC Ω

Output impedance (not parallel) : 1 K Ω

Former level output impedance: 3.3 K Ω

Max input level: mic-18 dBV AUX 6 dBV

Maximum output level (parallel) : mic-18 dBV LINE21.5dBV

Standard input level (parallel) : mic-28 dBV unbalanced AUX2.5 dBV

Standard output level (parallel) : mic-25 dBV LINE 0dB

Front output level: -4.4 dBV

Maximum gain: 62dB

Frequency response: 20hz-20khz

Inherent noise: all channel gain to the maximum parallel position (220 Ω) - 85 db

THD - N: 0.5% or less

S/N: 75 db

Phantom power supply: +48V

Control output voltage: +5V

Power supply voltage: AC220V

Power consumption: 25W

Size: 430X220X44 (mm)

Weight: 3.2 Kg