• ST-M368Eight-channel intelligent mixer

    ST-M368Eight-channel intelligent mixer

    Features of st-m368 8-channel intelligent mixer: 1. 8-channel microphone input is available; another AUX auxiliary input is set; the action level of sound gate can be adjusted automatically, and the ch...

  • St-h380 microphone hub

    St-h380 microphone hub

    Each channel has an independent line (left and right channel) output can be used for this channel recording, excitation, frequency shift, feedback suppression and other timbre processing...

  • X5 preprocessor

    X5 preprocessor

    Karaoke effector with speaker processor function, each part of the function can be adjusted independently.Adopt 24Bit data bus and 32Bit DSP.Music is provided with 7-stage parameter equalization.Music ...

  • Dsp-3000 simulates the first stage

    Dsp-3000 simulates the first stage

    Dsp-3000 professional pre-level effects, analog reverberator, there are 99 kinds of digital reverberation effect.Music, reverberation, microphone independent volume adjustment built-in ultra low sound ...

  • REV100 effector

    REV100 effector

    REV100 digital mixer is a high quality, low cost, easy to use stereo mixer.The amplifier has two input and output stereo interfaces, which can be used for indoor sound recording and sound amplification...