Scs-790mr RJ45 camera tracking conference system host

In line with IEC60914, gbt15381-94 international standards, using digital technology as the core, built-in high-performance CPU, audio signal using 32bit high-speed floating point DSP processing, bandwidth 20Hz~20KHz perfect clear sound quality, high-

transmission mode : RJ45网线
Connection mode : 有线
Core functions :发言、摄像
Installation mode :桌面式

In line with IEC60914, gbt15381-94 international standards

Digital technology as the core, built-in high-performance CPU, support discussion, video tracking functions

The audio signal is processed by 32-bit high-speed floating point DSP, with a bandwidth of 20Hz~20KHz and perfect clear sound quality

High performance switching power supply, long distance transmission will not have any impact on the sound quality

Anti-interference circuit design, eliminate all interference of mobile phone signal,

With 2.8 inch LCD screen, independent key operation

Built-in USB/SD card MP3 recording and playback function as well as graphics display, high fidelity WAV and MP3 output.When not recording can be as MP3 background music input

Four-channel RJ45 microphone connection, each supporting 20 units, can connect 80 units, support 12 chairman units,

Cascade function of conference hosts, support joint/split function of multi-conference rooms,

With S terminal and 5P terminal interface, connect with standard definition or HD camera, support SONY VISCA, EVI HD, PELCO P/D, BRC300 communication protocol

Built-in 6 in and 4 out (RCA interface) video, up to 6 standard definition cameras can be connected

Advanced digital technology, network technology and audio technology are fully integrated.It can realize seamless connection with intelligent central control system, video meeting system and monitoring fire prevention system.

With +5V voltage input alarm signal input interface

With video switching rs-232 communication interface, can connect to hd video switcher

With rs-232 interface of central control code, it can connect to central control system

With phoenix audio output interface, easy to connect digital audio matrix.

The SEND/RETURN interface can be connected to an external audio processor to further improve sound quality.The RETURN interface plays background music through a CD or other audio device.A wireless microphone can be used when connected to a wireless receiver.

1 non-balanced line input interface, 1 non-balanced audio output interface, 1 digital phoenix plug output interface;1 lotus line input interface, 1 alarm lotus line input interface, 2 lotus line output interface, 2 recording lotus line output interface, rich input and output interfaces can be arbitrarily connected with sound amplification or recording equipment

Host and computer can connect and communicate through TCP/IP network or USB local mode, and use PC software to set the system.You can also set the system directly on the host computer without using the computer

Multiple meeting modes: FIFO (FIFO), LIFO (LIFO), FREE (all open mode), c-only (chairman mode)

Can set the number of speech, automatic shutdown, time limit shutdown, voice control speech and other functions

Can be installed on 19 inch standard cabinet for easy storage and storage

Mr SCS model - 790

Working voltage 110V/220V AC

Static power consumption is 10W

Maximum power consumption: 250W

Main control machine size 483mm 323mmx88mm

The main controller weighs 7.0kg

Output power 110W/24V per channel

Audio output impedance: 100 Ω

RCA (lotus outlet) x2 6.3mm outlet x1 XLR cannon outlet x1 phoenix outlet x1

Audio input impedance: 100 Ω

RCA (lotus socket) x2 6.3mm socket x1 6.3mm socket x1 (alarm audio)

Frequency response 20Hz -20KHz

Signal to noise ratio (S/N) > 96dB

Total harmonic distortion < 0.05%

Overcarrier distortion <1%

Crosstalk attenuation (1kHz) >50dB

Channel crosstalk >80 dB

Recording interface USBSD

Microphone unit interface RJ45x4


Central control interface 232 serial port

Computer interface USB, RJ45

Video switch interface 232 serial port

Camera control port S terminal 5P terminal